Wheelbarrow Repair


A couple months ago, I split one of the arms of my wheelbarrow while working on the bamboo screen project.  Today I finally got around to trying to fix it.  I had been leaving a small clamp on there all this time to hold things together.

Not much to say, really, but I slathered on some wood glue and clamped it overnight.


This morning I took the clamps off, and the arm looked pretty good… until I put some pressure on it while reassembling the wheelbarrow.  Then it broke right apart again.  Uh, I thought wood glue was actually stronger than the wood itself?  Oh… oh, except when using it on a wheelbarrow, I missed the fine print.  Without getting too in-depth with the science, wood glue is very strong, but doesn’t span more than about a paper thickness.  So I’m guessing I just didn’t really have it all clamped together tight enough.

Anyway, on to Plan B, which was screwing on some mending plates.