Fixing a Leaky Garden Hose - Or Not


The other day I was dragging a garden hose around the corner of the house, and of course it snagged on something, and of course I pulled harder instead of going back to see what the obstruction was.  Then I noticed the water pressure coming out of the spray nozzle was kinda low.  So then I went back to investigate, and observed a nice hole in the hose, with water spilling out.

So I bought a repair coupling kit at Lowes, and set about fixing the hose this afternoon.

Pretty straightforward I guess.

Then I turned on the water.  Should I be concerned about those bubbles?  Nah, it’ll be alright.

It wasn’t alright.  After a few minutes, the hose had swollen up behind the coupling about the size of an egg, and a new split had opened up.

So much for hose repair.