Mystery Plants


A couple weeks ago, these things started coming out of the ground along the north foundation wall, towards the west corner.  Seems like an odd time of year to start growing?  I don’t know what they are, some kind of ivy or groundcover?  Whatever they are, they grow in full shade, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.  Probably some highly toxic, fast-spreading noxious weed that’s going to take over the entire lawn by January and kill everyone in the neighborhood.


Mom thought they might be caladiums.  According to one website: “They like a warm and moist atmosphere with a minimum summer temperature of 75 degrees and a minimum winter temperature of 55 degrees.”  Well, it’s been in the 40’s at night… but they don’t seem to mind.  Pretty weird for a tropical house plant.


We got some snow today, and they are still going strong.  We have had freezing temperatures several times so far this winter, and it hasn’t killed them yet.  What was that nonsense about minimum 55 degrees?


Spring has arrived, and as you can see, the mystery plants are doing quite well.  I don’t think they’re the prettiest plants around, but they’re not bad, and they obviously do well without any care whatsoever.