Trellis on North Side of House


Along with a couple other projects today, I worked on setting up a trellis at the end of the corner planting bed on the north side of the house.  This is near my kitchen window, and I thought it would be nice to have a trellis with some vines to screen my view somewhat looking towards the street and the apartments.

Nate came by and took me to Home Depot in his truck so I could pick up the wood I needed.  I bought this ready-made lattice grid, and a couple cedar 2x2’s for support.

I attached the lattice to the 2x2 posts with deck screws.  On the first post, I split the lattice wood every single time, even with pre-drilling.  But on the second post, none of them split.  I don’t know what was different.

The lattice is eight feet tall, and so are the posts.  Since I needed to sink the posts in the ground, I slid them down about two feet.  So the lattice sticks up above the posts some, but I guess that looks alright.  A more professional look would be longer posts and a horizontal piece to completely frame the lattice.  But after something grows all over it, is it really going to matter?

I dug a couple holes with a post-hole digger.  Then I set the trellis in place and began filling in the holes with pea gravel.  I used a post level to try to keep the trellis level and plumb while I poured the gravel in.

I debated this morning at Home Depot whether I should mix up some concrete to hold the trellis in place.  Nate thought that would be overkill, and I figured he was right.  After I had both holes filled up with gravel, it seemed reasonably sturdy, but was still a little wobbly when I shook it.  Hm.  Can’t decide if clinging vines will make the trellis more or less stable.

Anyway, here’s the completed trellis.  Now I just have to find a vine or two that will actually grow on the north side of the house.  It does get some sun in the late afternoon, but most of the time this area is in shade.