Pavers to Replace Sidewalk


A few weeks ago I had to smash up part of the sidewalk to dig a trench for a new electrical line to the garage.  Today I finished breaking up and removing that section, and replacing it with concrete pavers and pea gravel.

After I had the sidewalk removed, I laid in some old fence boards as guides.  I dumped in some sand, dirt, and the last bit of leftover pea gravel from the corner planting bed, and tamped it down for a base.  Then I put down some landscaping fabric to slow the weeds down a little.

I bought the pavers at Home Depot; they are 16 inches square, with exposed aggregate.  I used more sand as needed to level them and keep them from rocking back and forth.  This took a lot longer than I expected.

After I had those in place, I went to Lowes and bought several bags of pea gravel, to fill in around the pavers.

Unfortunately I didn’t buy enough gravel, so I’ll have to get some more.


Bought a couple more bags of gravel today and finished up.