West Garden


This story really begins with my frustrating experience trying to grow a new lawn and being overrun by weeds anyway.  The west lawn seemed particularly hopeless, so I have decided to till it up and start planting some shrubs and flowers.

Nate came over this morning and we went to Interstate Rentals to pick up a tiller.  I figured I didn’t need the big 13 HP Barreto, so I rented a 5 HP front-tine tiller.  Then we stopped by Lowes and I bought a bunch of plants.

I soon wished that I’d spent the extra money for the self-propelled, heavyweight Barreto.  It’s a lot of work trying to push a 5 HP tiller into the ground.  And yeah I know I should have mowed the grass first.  And scraped off the weeds and grass instead of tilling them into the soil.  Shaddup.

I didn’t seem to be making much progress, for all the effort I was putting into it.  Since Nate didn’t seem too sympathetic, I made him give it a try.

Then we finally figured out how to adjust the tiller so the tines dig deeper… a couple geniuses here.  That helped a little, but it was still hard work.

So I continued tilling, while Nate amused himself taking photos of us, and my decidedly unclassy surroundings.

I finished tilling, and so we returned the tiller and Nate took off.  I raked out the soil and tried to extract some of the larger weeds.

I laid out the plants I’d purchased, but I think I will go with a different arrangement than this.