Woolaroc Ranch


In 1925, Frank Phillips purchased about 3,700 acres twenty miles from Bartlesville, Oklahoma for a ranch retreat.  A friend and business associate coined the portmanteau Woolaroc from the woods, lakes, and rocks of the Osage Hills location.

At first, there was just a small cabin on the bluff over Clyde Lake.  By 1927, the cabin had been replaced by a large, rustic lodge with eight bedrooms and baths. Here Frank and Jane Phillips entertained oil executives, East Coast investors, Osage chiefs, farmers, ranchers, and even outlaws.

From the entrance, there is a two-mile drive to the main complex of several buildings, including the Museum, Lodge, and Barn.  A lookout on the Welcome Center offers panoramic views of the ranch.

Woolaroc panorama

This Farmall model F-12 tractor was produced from 1932 to 1938.  Nearby, although commonly called a windmill, this one is technically a windpump, using wind power to pump water from a well.

There are picnic grounds by the lake, and a couple miles of trails to explore.