More of Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Queen Anne Mansion

This 12,000 square-foot Queen Anne Victorian style house was built in 1891 in Carthage, Missouri by Curtis Wright.  He co-owned a large furniture factory in Indiana, then moved to Carthage and established the Carthage Stone Company.

The house passed out of the family and began to deteriorate.  In 1981, a businessman purchased the house, had it disassembled, transported to Eureka Springs, and reassembled as a tourist attraction.  More restoration work was completed in 2010.

Eureka Springs Railroad Depot

The Eureka Springs Railway was chartered in 1882, and the surviving depot building built in 1913.  The line operated under various names until 1961.  In 1978, steam locomotives, rolling stock, and track were moved to Eureka Springs to establish a tourist railway.  The Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway excursions run along about 2.5 miles of track.