Silver Falls State Park, Oregon – Part Five


From the footbridge below South Falls, the trail runs beside the creek for about three-quarters of a mile. The creek gradually drops through small rapids along the way, so eventually the trail is some distance above the water again.

The trail veers off to the west before it would arrive at the head of the 93-foot Lower South Falls, and then drops along a switchback series of steps.

Once again, the trail curves behind the falls under the overhang.

That’s the last waterfall on the South Fork Silver Creek.  The Canyon Trail continues over a mile further to Lower North Falls, which I had already seen.  I decided to go on 3/10ths of a mile and take the one-mile Maple Ridge Trail back to my car.  It climbs several steep switchbacks, then levels out for the rest of the way.

Back home with the trail map brochure, I calculated that I hiked about seven miles up and down and all around.  I was exhausted, but it was worthwhile.