Finishes – Part 1


The primary finish will be shellac.  I bought flakes from Shellac Shack and mixed up platina (aka super blonde) and garnet.  Then I finished some offcuts of the alder and cherry, starting with platina and then two or three coats of garnet.

Well, the cherry’s not very inspiring, and rather beige-y all-in-all.  And the alder sure is on the yellow side of orange…


So with some trepidation, I decided to use a dye, which I’ve never done before.  I bought some TransTint called “Reddish Brown” and diluted it in water per the instructions (scaled down to a pint).  I flipped the test pieces over and applied the dye, then the coats of shellac.  Hm, I think this will look better.  Hope I like it over an entire tabletop…


I started with the underside of the top.  I felt like I was applying the dye more heavily on these large surfaces where I had to keep re-dipping the rag and making multiple passes to cover.  I wonder how much that’s going to change the end result compared to the test?

I masked the tabletop and then went through the rounds of shellac on the battens.  After that dried, I reversed the masking and worked on the tabletop itself.  The masking probably seems like overkill, but I have no delusions about my poor finishing skills and wanted to reduce the opportunities for drips and sags.