Staked Stool – Legs


This project has languished for a long time, partly in favor of building the Portable Staked Desk.

Somewhere along the way, I ripped some pieces out of 1x12 yellow pine and glued them together for leg blanks.  Today, I set up the tablesaw ripping jig and fence, but quickly realized that the fence holddowns would not work for such small pieces.  I’ll need to redesign that setup someday, but for now I just brought in the other clamps that fit in the T-slots.  I ripped the blanks into tapered squares.


Like the tapering fence, the chamfering cradle was designed to hold the large legs of the desk.  So I rebuilt it with new shallow sidewalls, and chamfered the corners until the legs were tapered octagons.


I cut in the tenon shoulders with the tablesaw.  Then I used a tenon saw to rough in the tapered tenon.

To make the finished conical tenons, I had purchased a tapered tenon cutter from Lee Valley.  It works like a pencil sharpener, shaving around and down until it bottoms out on the shoulder (or wherever you want to stop).  I had to pause periodically to do some work with a rasp or file, when the rough size of the tenon was larger than the bottom opening of the tool.  Other than that, the process didn’t take too long.