Staked Stool – Top and Battens


I made the top from a scrap of 1x12 yellow pine left over from one of the boarded chest projects.  For the battens, I chose a piece out of the “probably-cherry” I’ve had for a few years.  As my second-guessing in chalk indicates, the grain reverses in the middle of this piece, which is the main problem I’ve always had with the material; it changes suddenly, frequently, and contemptuously.  However, after sawing it in half, each batten blank behaved well for the most part.


I made a 16° bevel guide to saw the beveled sides of the sliding dovetails.  Then I removed most of the waste with a chisel and mallet, and leveled the bottom with the router plane.


I planed 16° bevels on the sides of the battens to match, and knocked them in with a mallet.