Oahu, Hawaii

August 2000

In the summer of 2000, I joined my parents on the Hawaiian island of Oahu for a few days.  For them, this was a combination business trip and vacation.  Prior to my arrival, they spent a week on the “Big Island” of Hawaii.

Day One

I flew to Honolulu on the 30th of July and checked into our hotel in Waikiki.  My parents would arrive from Hilo that evening.  Waikiki has long been the primary tourist destination in the Hawaiian Islands, and so of course is a jam-packed assortment of ugly highrise hotels and meadering, chaotic shopping enclaves.  After unpacking, I walked down to Waikiki Beach, just a couple blocks away.

After walking down the beach for a while and then back to the hotel, I went downstairs to a Chile’s, where I had an ahi tuna burger.  Somehow I managed to finish the huge burger, which impressed the surfer-stereotype waiter.  Mom and Dad arrived later on that evening.