Oregon Garden – Silverton, Oregon


The Oregon Garden opened in 1999 on a 240-acre site near Silverton, Oregon.  Currently about 80 acres have been developed, with a couple dozen specialty gardens.  After some financial difficulties in the mid-2000’s, the non-profit foundation worked out a deal with a company to take over operations and open a resort hotel on part of the property, while the Oregon Garden Foundation retains ownership.  Another attraction at the garden is the relocated Gordon House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The garden is open all year, but closed some weekdays in winter.

The gardens begin even before you reach the visitor’s center, with landscaping around the parking lots.

There are open-air trams which offer a 25-minute narrated tour through the gardens.  There are stops scattered along the way so you can hop on and off, or ride the entire loop.

I took the tram out to the resort stop, and then started walking from there, across an expanse of lawn intended for future expansion.

Oregon Garden panorama from resort entrance