Silver Falls State Park, Oregon – Part Two


After falling back down to the canyon on the trail from the North Falls Group Camp, I rejoined the North Canyon Trail near the head of the 31-foot Twin Falls.  Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any really clear vantage points for these falls.

Going northwest from Twin Falls, a fairly slow descent along 3/10ths of a mile brought the trail down to the water level.  A footbridge across the creek connects to a half-mile trail along a small tributary creek to Winter Falls.

As the name suggests, the 134-foot Winter Falls tend to be seasonal; reportedly just a trickle in the summer months.  I doubled back to the footbridge, but near the falls the trail continues on a switchback up to the Rim Trail which passes by the top of Winter Falls.

Another quarter-mile west on the Canyon Trail was the top of the 106-foot Middle North Falls.  The trail begins to drop again here, though not yet all the way to the bottom.

I followed a side trail behind the falls.  The sunshine and spray created a short rainbow.