Woolaroc Wildlife Preserve – Part 1


The Woolaroc Ranch is home to a variety of both native and exotic animals.  Most of the animals roam free across 3,700 acres, so may not always be visible from the road.  Visitors are advised to stay in their cars.

After some deer, the first animals we saw were American bison (Bison bison).  Many people call these animals buffalo, although they are only distantly related to the Asian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis and Bubalus arnee) and African buffalo (Syncerus caffer).  There is also a European bison (Bison bonasus), sometimes called wisent.  The word bison is derived from Proto-Germanic wisundaz, “wild ox” or “aurochs”, while buffalo traces back to Greek boúbalos, “antelope” or “wild ox”.  So the names mean roughly the same thing.

In a fenced area next to a large hay barn was an Asian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) and a Zorse (Equus zebra x Equus caballus)… yep, half zebra, half horse.

We were amused by this llama (Lama glama) casually chewing with a long strand of straw hanging off the lips like a proverbial hayseed.

The ostriches (Struthio camelus) were pretty funny too.