Finishes – Part 2


Next I applied dye and shellac to the edges.

Before I started finishing the upper surface of the top, I used a clothes iron and wet rag to steam out some dents.  Have I mentioned lately how easy it is to dent and scratch alder?  Odd about the steaming though; some came right up and almost disappeared, while others wouldn’t budge no matter how much steam I applied.

Anyway, on to dye and shellac.  I applied more coats of shellac than I had on the underside, for a little extra protection on the working surface.

Well, I have mixed feelings about the dye.  I like the color better than the yellowish tones without it, but it looks a little unnatural to me, and the dye took more in some places than others so there are inconsistencies.  Still, overall, it’s closer to what I imagined when I started this project, so it was probably the right thing to do.