Leather Straps – Part 2


After letting the glue dry overnight, I started installing the straps on the top.  And then I realized that I had glued one of the buckles in backwards…

They say hide glue can be reactivated with heat and moisture.  I was going to find out.  So I warmed up the iron and then used it and a wet rag to steam the joint.  Then I pried it apart.  I could wish it hadn’t kinked and wrinkled the leather…  I should have been more careful about only putting the tip of the iron where I needed it.  Well at least it came apart.  So I put the buckle in the correct direction and glued and clamped the joint again.

Next on the agenda was a brass loop.  This goes between the pairs of legs to help the strap wrap around each pair.  I cut a short piece of leather and skived it to fold back on itself, similar to the buckle.  This one doesn’t need any glue though, just screws.  I purchased both 1–1/4″ and 1–1/2″ versions of the brass loops; the 1–1/4″ didn’t quite have enough clearance so I went with the larger ones.

Then there was more test fitting for the mating straps until at last I had the legs buckled in for the ride.